French Learning

Now that I’m almost finished with my dissertation for MA Modern French Studies, I’ve been thinking about ways that I can continue to improve my French. This year my French has improved a lot, however I still lack speaking and oral comprehension skills. Also, my written French and reading comprehension is not at a professional working level yet, but I have made big improvements.

To continue learning and improving my French I am going to do the following:

  1. Listening to the radio in French every day.
    In my opinion, only doing passive listening activities does not work. However, if you pair that with regular active study, I believe it could be beneficial. This theory is just based on my own experience of language learning.
  2. French course 3 hours per week.
    At the moment, this is a wish rather than a certainty. French courses are expensive but hopefully, come mid-September I should be able to sign up to some kind of French course.
  3. Try to read once per week in French.
    This will be active reading, i.e. writing down unknown vocabulary, etc…

Hopefully with these few activities, I will be able to make decent progress.

I’ll update in a while about how it’s going!


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